100 employees. 100 lessons. Part 5: 🤔 Final thoughts

This is part of a series. You can find a link to all the parts here.

97. Fit everything into a story

Great companies have great narratives. Whether it’s talking to an investor or convincing someone to join the team, you always need to be storytelling.

98. Balance short vs. longterm tradeoffs

A lot of a startup is balancing short vs. long term tradeoffs e.g. should I pay this new developer an unfairly high salary because we are desperate for developers right now, but risk it blowing up in my face later on.

99. It generally gets harder.

A lot of founders think it will get easier. There are some things that become more comfortable e.g. higher salary, assistant to book your flights, but as the company grows larger in terms of people, investment etc. there will be more pressure, not less BUT it also becomes more rewarding. For me, the day I realised we were big enough to fill and entire bus was one of the proudest days of my life.

100. Reading learnings ≠ Learning

You can read this post and as many others as you want, but reading a lesson is not internalising it. Only through conscious and persistent work on yourself will you truly develop.

and a bonus one…

101. The most important lesson is to put yourself first

If you don’t do this, you’re just running down the clock.

Last last one…

102. Don’t forget to enjoy every minute of it

It’s an incredible journey. Don’t forget to look around and enjoy the view.

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