This blog is a summary of the conversations I’ve had with friends and the suggestions I’ve made to them. All content in this blog represents my personal opinions and do not represent those of organisations that I associate with in any personal or professional capacity. The content is provided for…

This is part of a series. You can find a link to all the parts here.

🤑 Fundraising: Why, when and how much?

See also my article on: Early Stage Fundraising for European Startups: Amount and Valuation.

71. Understand what it means to take VC funding

And decide if you really want it. When you take VC funding you are implicitly committing to trying to become…

This is part of a series. You can find a link to all the parts here.

📣 Communication, scaling and structure

41. The startup will feel like a different company every 6 months

You will and should have a new job every six months.

42. Over-communication is better than under communication

There is no such thing as the right level of communication.

43. Keep the organisation structure simple by default

Creating different groups creates communication overhead.

44. Be transparent (but optimistic) by default

Employees really appreciate it when you…

The world is arguing about Bitcoin’s energy consumption again, this time from opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Chinese premier Xi Jinping and Tesla founder Elon Musk might differ ideologically, but they share a communal punching bag: Bitcoin.

Elon Musk became a cryptocurrency hero when he announced in February that…

Shortly before I moved from CEO to Chairman, we passed the milestone of 100 employees. I took the opportunity to reflect and put down in words some of the key points I wish I’d known from the start.

Part 1: 🌱Before you start 💡Ideation phase 🤝 Co-founders

Part 2: 🎓 Personal development 🧘‍♂Work/Life balance

Part 3: 📣 Communication, scaling and structure 🎖 Culture 👔 Hiring

Part 4: 🤑 Fundraising: Why, when and how much? 🎯 The process 🧮 Cap table & negotiations

Part 5: 🤔 Final thoughts

One of the last photos of the whole company we could take (pre-covid). The Prague trip in 2019. We’ve since doubled!

Ben Jones

Startup advisor | Co-Founder & CEO/CTO @Nuri

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