5 Reasons to work at Bitwala

Celebrating our app launch

I was recently told by an engineer we were trying to recruit that he had another job offer from a company he also liked. He was making up his mind and asked me “Why Bitwala?”

I started typing away a reply and here’s roughly how it went:

1. People are happy working here

We recently rolled out the first edition of our anonymous employee satisfaction survey.

2 years is a lot in startup land

Don’t take my word that Bitwala is a great place to work, but maybe take theirs? 😄

2. Your future colleagues are awesome

“The people.” This is the answer I get most when I ask people what’s the best thing about working here. Over the years, we’ve grown from three guys and a dog to a team of 50 incredible human beings.

We have over 20 different nationalities with us with diverse backgrounds from Deloitte to professional poker player!

This was taken for the Series A announcement

It’s easier for a startup to say that is has a good culture because it’s very subjective and difficult to prove. Other than taking our employees’ word on it (8.6 out of ten from the survey!) there’s one thing I think really shows this.

In January 2018 our product was destroyed because of a serious issue with one of our partners. We were screwed. Our company had zero product and zero traction and we needed to raise another funding round. Bitwala was a sinking ship, but we didn’t lose a single employee because of this.

Our culture is shaped by our history and the fact we had some very hard times made us stronger and we’re proud of how we dealt with it.

3. What we’re doing is important

It’s 2019 and it’s still faster to fly with cash in your pocket than to make a bank transfer to the U.S. Stock exchanges still closed on weekends and bank holidays. Sending money abroad can cost 20% in fees.

Sending an email is free and instant. Why shouldn’t it be the same with the transfer of value?

Banking and finance is one of the industries that has managed to remain very old fashioned, but blockchain is a disruptive technology that’s changing this.

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain and more recently decentralised finance see more development in 1 year than the banking industry does in 10. The result is be an explosion of new financial products and services.

Bitwala’s goal is to make these accessible to as many people as possible in a secure, regulated, easy-to-use way.

A slide from our Series A pitch deck

4. You can fall down the crypto rabbit hole

Have you ever been to a dinner party and someone explains what their job is and the energy in the room just drops?

That will never happen with Bitwala. From STOs to Satoshi, crypto is such a young and dynamic industry that it’s impossible to get bored.

If you join Bitwala, you’ll likely become the de facto crypto expert in your friend group. Over the years, I’ve explained Bitcoin to countless people and I still enjoy it!

We are regular guests at legendary Bitcoin bar Room 77

5. The company trip!

Once a year we go away together as a company. So far we’ve been to Ibiza, Bucharest and this year we’re going to Prague!

Bitwala tries to organise fun stuff all year round, but this is the thing that really sticks out.

During our beach walk
Breakfast at our villa

We’re always looking for talented and awesome people to join the team. If this is you, please reach out through our careers page.

Oh, and the engineer whose question inspired this blog post decided to join the team 🤓

Startup advisor | Co-Founder & CEO/CTO @Nuri