100 employees. 100 lessons. Part 2: 🎓 Personal development 🧘‍♂Work/Life balance

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🎓 Personal development

You will need to aggressively scale yourself as a human being if you want to enable your company to scale. You should…

Read blogs. Read books. Join or create a reading group with other entrepreneurs.

Blogging about something you learned is a great way of formalising your thoughts. It also doubles as great material for investors, people you’re trying to hire. I share this article with pretty much everyone who I’m interviewing.

Find other founders to share and grow with. You need these people as your friends won’t fully understand what you’re going through.

Their role is to a) help you zoom out of the operational short-sightedness and structure the bigger picture b) help you to grow into the leader you need to be

This is a great way of giving back, but more importantly it will force you to reflect on what you’ve learned.

Write down what you achieved that day, what you can do to make tomorrow even better and any learnings that came up.

Their role changes the most throughout the life of the startup. Read why here.

I aim to read one fiction and one non-fiction book a month

🧘‍♂ Work / life balance

This one is tough…

Anything else will learn to burnout.

Understand that it’s easy to say “put yourself first”, but very difficult to. Understand that if you don’t, you are counting down the days until you get burnout or worse.

(In addition to the coach) Get the company to pay for it! It’ll be worth it.

Having a partner and /or good friends you can share with is crucial. I haven’t seen statistic on this, but I would guess that co-founders in a stable relationship perform significantly better than those who don’t.

Do you agree that you should take 28 days vacation a year without checking email? Stick to it and hold each other accountable.

Switching off is really difficult for most founders. Things that work for me: have a wind down ritual e.g. change clothes, listen to a song, go for a walk, have 10 minutes of alone time before going onto social activity. Having separate work / personal phones can also help.

Taking vacation is even more crucial if you struggle to detach during evenings and weekends.

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Startup advisor | Co-Founder & CEO/CTO @Nuri

Startup advisor | Co-Founder & CEO/CTO @Nuri